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Useful Things to Note When Using a Teleprompter

Most people will concur that it is quite reasonable to make a mistake when making a presentation on a televised camera but as much as this could be a minor mistake, it can cost you a career. You can get a bit nervous in the course of your presentation and miss some words or make wrong pronunciations, but this problem is not unique to beginners only as some experienced speakers also make the mistakes. The essence of a teleprompter is to assist you to make a flawless speech similar to that of a professional speaker. To use a teleprompter properly as a beginner, here are some considerations to make.

Enhance the readability of your script – Remember that the audience pays attention to what you say and therefore, craft the text in a manner that it is suitable to listen and not to read. If you intend to make a professional speech to an audience, it is advisable to choose a presidential teleprompter, but if you are making a live broadcast on cameras, you need a standard teleprompter. When you are reading the script, let it appear as if you are doing it effortlessly and you are not struggling to read what you wrote. The Teleprompters types vary in prices and thus, you need to consider your budget.

Choose a professional operator – To efficiently use a teleprompter, you need an expert assistance from an individual who knows how to operate the equipment. You might have the skills for reading the script, but you cannot do it when you have no one to adjust the teleprompter accordingly and thus, an expert who understands its operation will be helpful. The advantage of having an expert is that he can fix any hitch promptly before it affects your speech. A professional teleprompter operator will adjust to your reading speed so that speech flows seamlessly.

Practice – Lack of adequate preparedness when going to read a speech leads to several mistakes that could be avoided if you rehearsed well. In fact, you will have problems reading the words that you see for the first time, and thus, your speech will not flow smoothly. Practice leads to perfection, and therefore, you will not solely rely on the teleprompter to read the script. In fact, exude confidence and use the right tonal variations which makes your speech interesting and worth listening.

Do not over-rely on the teleprompter – The teleprompter guides you but you are the one doing the job. Audience relies on what you say because they do not see what you read. Do not use ambiguous language that might be difficult to pronounce but be simple and clear. Additionally, you can include phonetics on the script so that you do not have trouble with spelling pronunciation.

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